asatti founder

Hi, I'm Cathryn McHenry!

Over the past 16 years, I have gained a wide array of life experience while serving in the military, educational and mental health fields. In each position held, success or failure was dependent upon one thing: relationships, and how well I was able to navigate them.

In 2010, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Studies with an Emphasis in Special Education and Early Intervention.  I taught in an early childhood classroom, creating classroom curriculum, documenting developmental achievements, training assistant teachers on how to create meaningful interactions with students, and partnering with parents. I went back to school and graduated in 2014, with a Master's degree in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy. After graduation, I facilitated group and individual therapy in a hospital setting, working with ages 5-95, and conducting parenting seminars. Eventually I moved to a private practice setting, to concentrate on marriage and family relationships, trauma, and abuse recovery. 

My education and experience have shown me the devastating effects that poor conflict resolution and communication skills can have on relationships. Learning and practicing these skills can mean the difference between peace or chaos, accomplishment or defeat.

My mission is to bring insight into your limitations, illuminate your possibilities, and help you initiate an intentional, empowered response.  

Together, we can achieve more.