What is coaching?

 Coaching is focused on creating and attaining personal and professional goals. With a future focus, we can explore limitations in internal dialogue and how to choose a different perspective which returns your power to you! It is a great option for professionals seeking to reach their fullest potential but know that their current strategies aren’t getting them there.

This differs from therapy, which is often focused on understanding and healing past wounds and coping with the crippling effects of mental illness. If you are in need of therapy, please seek a professional therapist right away. If you would like a referral, I would be happy to help.

Is coaching right for you?

 I coach self-motivated professionals seeking to reach their fullest potential.

  • Are  you successful in one area of your life but experiencing difficulty translating that success to another area? 
  • Do you struggle with self doubt or negative self talk that keeps you from pursuing your goals? Do your current thoughts prevent you from getting what you want? 
  • Do you struggle with doing the same things over and over again even though you know it’s not working? 
  • Do you cheer on others and allow them to take the lead even when you’re more equipped and passionate about the goals?

If you notice that something is holding you back but can’t put a finger on what it is, coaching can help! Gain clarity about what you value. Learn how to push past your current limitations to reach new heights with your goals. Increase your effectiveness by learning more about yourself and how you relate to others around you.  

Coaching Package

Free 30 minute consultation call to determine your individual needs!

60 minute coaching sessions are sold in packages of six.  A la carte sessions are available once the initial package has been used.